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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

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Equity Assessments

The first step in leading with an equity-centered focus is understanding if there is an issue. We help clients identify inequity in plans, programs, policies and practices. We examine root causes, systems of inequity, and unintended consequences of well-meaning programs and policies.

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DEI Strategic Plans

Our DEI Strategic Plans take the equity assessment one step further. Once we have shown clients where they are, we help them map a path forward to where they want to be. We use our expertise and insights to develop equity-centered goals and strategies with metrics and accountability to ensure trust and transparency.

Community Gardening

Equitable Development Strategy

Our staff will help you develop policies and programs that reduce disparities in underserved communities and encourage vibrant, resilient places. In addition, we help clients partner with communities to guide development in a way that meets the organization’s mission and reflects the priorities of the community.


Equitable Engagement Strategy

Communities want a voice in decisions that affect their well-being. Traditional methods of engagement don't work in every situation. Authentic engagement requires innovation, creativity and trust. Let us help you develop an engagement strategy that is inclusive, equitable, collaborative, and transparent.

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Environmental Justice Analysis

We help clients determine if their project or program could have disproportionate impacts to an underserved or socially vulnerable community. Our years of experience working with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) give us the expertise and relationships to identify potential impacts, develop strategies to avoid them, and create plans to mitigate impacts if avoidance is not possible.

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